About me

I have been a Minister in the United Reformed Church (URC) since 1992. For me, the denomination was merely an 'accident' …a place where I went to Scouts, came to faith in Jesus, became a Member, trained as a Local Preacher, and then obeyed a vision from God by training to be a Minister.
From the beginning I developed a profound and healthy respect for the Bible as God’s revelation of His character and will.  I believe that πασα γραφη θεοπνευστος και ωφελιμος (all scripture is God-breathed and useful), as 2 Timothy 3:16 makes clear, and that this understanding is endorsed by Jesus, the 'Word made Flesh.'

I was nurtured as a disciple of Jesus by people from a variety of churches. Apart from United Reformed, the other main influencers have been Anglican, Baptist and Methodist. But Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, 'House Church' and Quaker have also been part of my schooling.  The ecumenical intent of the URC sits comfortably with me.

I am unashamedly evangelical and charismatic …meaning I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Bible is the word of God, and that the Holy Spirit of God is alive and active today in accordance with the Scriptures. That’s just ordinary orthodox, biblical Christianity – the kind that the Reformers sought to restore, and for which the Dissenters stood their ground. This is why I remain happy to be part of a Reformed denomination.

In more than 20 years of ministry I have seen one church close, another decline …but another double in size as people find a generous welcome among Jesus' church, come to faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour, encounter his Holy Spirit and discover the new life that he promised.

I have watched the URC denomination decline in numbers, and have struggled with aspects of its theology. I believe there are obvious underlying problems. There is a loss of confidence in the Gospel message, leaving people unable to pass on the Good News to others. There is a creeping neglect of the Bible, leaving people ignorant of what it teaches and, instead, making up a theology that merely reflects the world around us. And there is little familiarity with the Holy Spirit, leaving people unaware of the dynamic life of the Kingdom of God!

But I have been constrained by the Lord. This is the sub-section of His worldwide Church in which He has called me to serve. It is imperfect, as is every congregation, denomination and stream, but it is still His Church and, like Martin Luther 500 years ago, I believe I am meant to work for the reformation and restoration of Jesus-centred, Bible-based, Spirit-filled faith (unless, like him, I am evicted!)