Friday, 17 February 2017

What Would Jesus Do?

It's a good question, but it makes a big assumption. How do I know what Jesus would do unless I know what Jesus did do?

That's why I'm encouraging people to read through Mark's Gospel between now and Easter. It's short, action packed, and based
on an eyewitness account of what Jesus said and did. Read just one chapter each day and you'll go through the whole book three times by Easter. Or get through it 7 times if you read the whole book each week. It will 'pickle' your brain in the things that Jesus did!

I had a recent email from the Bible Society telling how they had distributed Bibles in Aleppo before Christmas. They said:
We asked one girl what she would do with the Bible when she got home. She looked at us and asked: "Don’t you know what you do with Bibles? Well, I’ll tell you. These books are holy and they are for 'the inside', so that God will live in you… I’ll read them and read them."
A twelve year old girl in Syria said she was "reading the Bible a lot." A seven year old boy told them that he was "memorising the Psalms." It's impressive stuff!

One quotation that really made my jaw drop was this comment from Hafsat, a child refugee in Nigeria:
I hope this Bible will help me to forgive the murderers of my parents. I find it very difficult to get their death out of my mind, but I know there are answers in this book.
Here are children living in deeply troubled situations, and they are choosing to read the Bible because they believe it makes a real difference to their lives. Their examples are inspiring and challenging.

And I wondered...

If we sat down with them and told them about our Bible-reading habits, how much would our example inspire them?

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